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Powerful Traders Use A Strategy Based On Their Personal Goals And Strengths. 

With 24/5 Access and Hundreds Of Trading Assets, seize the right market opportunities actively or passively, in short-term or long-term, and when markets are volatile or stable.
Choose a trading style which fits your strengths and gives you the edge to Achieve Your Financial Goals.

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Forex Markets Is The International Arena Where Countries Demonstrate Their Global Economic Power.

Buy And Sell The World’s Most Popular Currencies As They Strive To Prevail Against Each Other.
Increase Your Potential By Utilising Leverage In Your Forex Trading To Enlarge Your Positions On EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, And Many More Currency Pairs.

Forex Asset Class
Currency Pairs
Spreads From*
3 pips
4 pips
25 pips
Leverage Up To*

 * Based on AFXMarkets Gold Account for Professional Traders in accordance with MiFID II regulation.




Enjoy An Unparalleled Accessibility To The
Leading Markets Around The World With The Empowering Advantages Of CFD Trading.

 As The Markets Rise And Fall, Use Long And Short Positions To Benefit Both Ways, Without Having To Physically Purchase The Assets, And With Lower Margin Requirements.
Trade The CFDs Of The Popular Commodities, Stocks, Indices, And Digital Currencies All On A Single Platform!

CFD Asset Class
Gold, Silver, +15
Amazon, Google, +198
S&P 500, Dow Jones 30, +22
Spreads From*
# pips
# pips
# pips
Leverage Up To*

* Based on AFXMarkets Gold Account for Professional Traders in accordance with MiFID II regulation.



Portfolio Management

Trading Success Is Achieved Through Diligent Learning, Monitoring, Analysing, And Testing. 

Knowing The Personal Dedication Required, We Designed The Most Efficient Solution That Will Add ‘Time’ To The List Of Your Returns On Investments.

Our Team Of Licensed Portfolio Managers Skilfully Handle All Your Trading Affairs, Enhancing The Investment Yields On Your Financial Assets With An Professional Touch, And Freeing Your Invaluable Time While Ensuring That Your Capital Continues To Work For You.


Licensed and regulated by CySEC, for portfolio management services.


Portfolio management by professional traders who are selected with rigorous criteria.


Adding a unique
value to your gains from the markets by earning you time with your capital.


maximum risk potential is limited
to 10% of your invested capital.

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A Personal Experience

Congratulations On Your Choice Of Personal Trading Style!

We Believe Your Way Of Trading The Markets Will Propel You Towards The Goals And Achievements You Aim.
Let Us Support You Further With A Personalised Trading Experience. Pick The Best Fit From Our Account Types, Each Designed To Meet The Needs And Goals Of Different Trading Styles.

Exercise Your Expertise Via Our Opt-In Professional Trader Program, Where We Redefine The VIP Concept With Exclusive Services And Trading Conditions.
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Financial Trading FAQ

1. What is a Financial Trading Product?

A financial trading product is an investment instrument which enables the traders to buy and sell the underlying asset to yield short-term or long-term gains from the changes in the asset price. Securities (e.g. Futures contracts) and derivatives (e.g. Contracts for Difference) are the most common financial products. Securities require the trader to physically purchase the instrument or the underlying asset, while derivatives allow trading on the price changes without any physical purchase obligations.

2. What is a Financial Market?

A financial market is a marketplace to purchase or trade financial securities and derivatives. Financial markets can be decentralised for certain asset types like currency pairs or cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, other exchange markets like stock exchanges and commodity exchanges offer centralised trading environments for the available financial assets and instruments. The role of financial markets in the modern economies is organise and allocate capital resources efficiently.

3. What is Financial Trading?

Financial trading is the act of buying and selling financial trading instruments with the goal of accruing profits from the changes in the prices of underlying assets. Financial trading can be done by individuals like regular people, financial markets professionals, and investors, as well as entities like governments, banks, and financial institutions. With numerous instruments, platforms, methods, and strategies that could be employed, the best way to trade in the financial markets is usually the way which fits your own personal characteristics, goals, and needs.

4. How to Trade in the Financial Markets?

Depending on the financial asset and instrument you are interested in trading, you might be required to fulfil certain regulatory and registration requirements. In stock exchanges and commodity exchanges, these may include minimum capital requirements, corporate track records, personal information, legal information, and examination and tests. On the other hand, if you prefer Forex and CFD trading, all you have to do is to join a broker which offers you comprehensive support and a robust trading platform. Once you complete the registration and identification requirements, you can start trading immediately.

5. Why Trade in the Financial Markets?

Our modern world is becoming increasingly competitive and economically demanding. Empowering oneself with financial freedom is the only way to achieve the successful and comfortable life one deserves. The financial markets provide everybody the opportunity to create a source of substantial income, without prejudice. Therefore, anyone who is resolved to gain financial independence can trade in the financial markets to earn profits with their resources and determination.

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AFXMarkets is the Leading Global Broker, offering a variety of products and services to trade and invest in the financial markets. We are committed to provide solutions that will enable individuals to Gain Power by trading in the markets in their own way.

Let’s create a personalised trading experience for you together!

Why AFXMarkets?

  • Security

    AFXMarkets is regulated by CySEC. We gladly comply the strictest regulations for best customer practices including policies for order execution, data protection, financial safety.

  • Education

    Our education section contains training articles, videos, and infographics on a wide range of beginner, intermediate, and professional topics ranging from the basics of Forex and CFD trading to advanced market analysis and trading strategies.

  • Trading Conditions

    We strive to offer the most competitive trading conditions with low spreads and scalable leverage across all markets.

  • Markets Range

    Enjoy the 5/24 access to numerous markets including Forex currency pairs; metal, energy, and agricultural commodities; American, European, and Asian stocks, indices, and ETFs.

  • Service

    We offer a wide range of financial products, markets, and assets to cater everyone’s needs. Our customer service team provides personalised support for each trader within the regulatory framework.

  • Tools

    We equip you with a wide range of trading tools to build your trading strategy, analyse the markets, and manage your risk – with tutorials on how the most successful traders incorporate them to their own trading plans!

  • CFD Trading

    AFXMarkets Traders enjoy the profit potential both when their favourite assets rise and fall, with significantly reduced margin requirements and no strings attached.

  • Accessibility

    You can access your AFXMarkets trading platform directly from a web browser as well as from your Android or iOS mobile phones and tables. If you prefer, you can also use AFXMarkets Metatrader 4 trading platform on your desktop.